“Africa Suite” EP, out now!


Our new “Africa Suite” EP is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp!

The album is unique to our previous work and very much it’s own statement, but deeply connected to the rhythmic spirit of the Matuto sound. African diaspora is a common thread in the North and South American musical influences we’ve embraced since our inception. Working on this project allowed us to focus more deeply on Africa’s influence and to document a 5-week long tour that took us across Mozambique, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Senegal in 2013. It features 5 different compositional voices, with one piece from each musical collaborator on the tour, and we are all extremely proud of this work. We’ve been amazed by the exciting travel opportunities that Matuto has provided, but our journey across Africa was singularly inspiring and deserving of it’s own voice in our recorded catalog. We hope this music will bring you a little taste of the joy we felt in the motherland. Please enjoy!

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